It's Easy!

iSpin distribution provides the ability for any musician to be able to sell their music on the iTunes Store as well as many other online music stores and streaming services.

Simply create an account with us, fill out the simple form, pay a small set up fee and submit your music and that's it.

It can take up 2-3 weeks for the stores to process submissions. Once it's been accepted you will receive a notification then you can start selling. It's that easy!

What do I need?

You just need to ensure you have audio file and cover art in the following formats.

Audio files must conform to the following industry standards

Cover art images must be: Cover art cannot contain:

Where else will my music be available

We work with the following stores and streaming services.

Your music will be available from all these, right around the world!

So What's The Cost?

iSpin Distribution makes it affordable for independant artists to sell their music on the iTunes Store. There is a small set up which includes UPC & ISRC registration.

iTunes Store sales are paid monthly to us which is then redistributed to the artists along with monthly sales reports.

All prices are in NZ$ and include GST

Set up costs:
Single $59
Album $99

Sales Breakdown:
Apple 30%
iSpin Distribution 20%
You 50%

Other stores work in a similar fashion with slightly different rates but we ensure you will always get 50% of your sales.

What are ISRC codes?

The International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) provides a means of identifying audio and video recordings. Each 12 digit code is unique and is a permanent identifier for a specific recording.

iSpin Distribution is a registered ISRC manager in NZ for allocating ISRC codes for tracks. An ISRC code is required for each individual track on your single or album.

What are UPC codes?

UPC codes are required for each album or single but not each track. It treats the album or single as a single product.

The UPC is the Universal Product Code which is a 12 digit code used to identify products around the world. These are the barcodes you see on products when shopping.

iSpin Distribution is registered to allocate UPC codes which can then also be used for physical copies as well as digital.

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